Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Lindsay Gagnon, and I am the creator of DIY Fempreneur – a website where fempreneurs can come to develop their business, from concept to creation, including all of the technical mumbo jumbo.

I am super excited that you are here, and I am so proud that you are taking steps to develop what I know will be a wildly successful and fulfilling business!

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Meet  Lindsay

My goal with this website is to help as many fempreneurs actually get their business off the ground, without breaking the bank.  I want to provide easy, actionable steps that can be taken to go from concept to creation.

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Freebie  Library

I’ve created an ALL ACCESS Freebie Library!

This is the official FREE resource library for BADass DIY Fempreneurs such as you.  This is a hub of awesome shit that you have access to at any time, so don’t be shy, sign up.

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Social  Media

I’ve created a Facebook group where other high vibe fempreneurs gather.  It is a safe haven to ask questions, receive help, share stories and seek inspiration.  It is also where I share nuggets of information to help you master the DIY aspect of your business.

I also have an Instagram page if you’d like to follow me!

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