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Just for you & today ONLY, I wanted to extend to you my comprehensive PROCRASTINATION GUIDE & WORKBOOK called “Punch Procrastination in the Face!”  It’s a 74-page eBook that works you through practical exercises to help you reclaim your life & business!


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⇒ Do you know what you need to get done BUT put this off in favor of anything else?

⇒ Do you get caught up in the small details, which prevents you from completing the task?

⇒ Do you feel unqualified when doing certain tasks and activities?

⇒ Do you think some activities are a waste of time?

⇒ Do you leave things to the last minute, then run around at the last minute trying to get shit done?


» Understand the type(s) of procrastination that has been holding you back in your life?

» Work through practical and thought-provoking exercises?

» Get ahead and drastically transform every – single – aspect of your life?

» Embrace a mindset that works for you rather than against you?

» Gain clarity on your actions, your vision for your future, your desires, and how to make it real?





I know what it feels like to be ruled by my procrastination tendencies, and I’ve been where you are now.  Six years ago I reached the max on my bullshit meter and said enough was enough.



⇒ Insightful facts about procrastination

⇒ Definitions of the different types of procrastination

⇒ Journal prompts to deep dive into your mindset

⇒ Exercises & activities galore!

⇒ Tips and practices on working through your procrastination tendencies

⇒ Extra resources to further help you overcome your stuck-ness


Still have questions?

What if I buy the eBook and I don't like it. Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital nature of the content there are no refund available.
I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to work through the eBook right now?
You will have the eBook delivered directly to your inbox, with unlimited downloads.  You will have this content forever. And you can work through the eBook completely at your own pace.  Often people love the eBook/workbook so much that they go through it more than once.
Can you guarantee specific results?
I love this eBook/workbook and I stand behind it 100%.  The testimonials on this page are from real people who have worked through the eBook, and got some great results.  I can only guarantee as much success as you are willing to commit to.  You need to do the work in order to get results.  The only guarantee I can give you is that you will get uncomfortable with the exercises…  True growth comes on the other side of discomfort!
Have more questions?
Send me an email to hello@diyfempreneur.com and I will get back to you within 48 hours!

About the Author…

Lindsay Gagnon

Lindsay Gagnon

CEO & Creator of DIY Fempreneur

My name is Lindsay Gagnon, and I am the creator of Punch Procrastination in the Face.

I am badA$$ mindset coach who got tired AF of letting circumstances control me into a life I wasn’t passionate about. So I decided to change it, and make myself the author of my own life. I now OWN everything, including my decisions, dreams and destiny!

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