I am a HUGE fan of the phrase: “grow through what you go through.”

I mean, shit happens to us every day.  E V E R Y    S I N G L E    D A Y !

Let me rephrase that…  Shit happens, but it happens FOR us, not TO us.  It happens to provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow.  And I feel like this is definitely the case with me today.

If you don’t already know, I was diagnosed with relapse remitting multiple sclerosis in 2008.  To put it simply, my immune system is fucked up and sees my own central nervous system, brain and spinal cord as a foreign object, and because of this does its job and tries to destroy it.  Isn’t that royally screwed UP?  Needless to say it is very unpredictable and anything could happen at any given time. Thankfully, I was diagnosed at an early age, so I’m very lucky (see, it’s all about perspective).

In December 2017 I got vertigo, which was caused by a lesion on my brain stem.  There was nothing that my neurologist could do, so I had to wait it out.  BUT this also prompted him to tell me about a new study drug and he wanted me to be part of the trial.  After careful consideration and a fuckton of reading, I agreed that this was a good fit.  Two years to participate in this study where the drug was provided to me for free.  And because I’m a study participant, if my insurance doesn’t cover the full amount the MS Clinic will cover the cost indefinitely.



Anyways, I digress.  Today (July 13th) I had my first full infusion of this study drug, and it went really well.  BUT, I learnt that there is some cause for concern with this drug and breast cancer.  Six participants in the study have been diagnosed (there is a large sample of participants), and there is a link between how the drug impacts the course of MS and how it can impact the prevention of breast cancer.  Needless to say, I may never be impacted, but I do have the ability to stack the deck in my favor.  You see, we always have a decision.  Making the decision to do something is just as powerful as making the decision to do absolutely nothing.

 So you wanna know what I DECIDED?  I decided to change what is in my control and have an impact on the outcome of my life.  I’ve decided to strictly follow a ketogenic way of eating.  And let me dispel any thought that you have about me hopping on the keto bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do right now.  Cause that is the furthest thought from my mind.  And yes, I have done my research as well.  A keto diet will help reduce the likelihood of cancer AND help my brain heal, so it’s a win-win!



But with any decision, there will be struggles…  And right now I want ALL THE CARBS!  Oh, did I mention I’m starting this tomorrow,  LOL?  Yep!  So I just stuffed my face full of poutine, and this babe is one happy soul right now ?  AND tomorrow I will purge my house of all the non-compliant (and yummy) food, go grocery shopping for keto compliant food (also yummy), and start meal planning so that I have success with this new endeavor.

Will it be EASY?  Hellz NO!  

Will this be an adventure with ups and downs?  Yeppers!

But I am worth it, my health is worth it, and my future is worth it.  So I am going to grow through what I’m going through, and do so with a full heart and a grateful soul.  Ultimately, it could always be worse.  So be happy with where you are right now, and if you aren’t, take steps to change your circumstances.  Continue to grow, expand and flourish, regardless of your current state and situation.

Grow  through  what  you  go  through!

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