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When I first started creating my business, I stalked other entrepreneurs and created a MASSIVE list of things that I needed to learn and find out.  Some were systemic, and others were just pretty. And while I learnt all the how-tos, I was continually drawn to the pretty (I think it’s the artist in me).  Specifically, I was drawn to the foil fonts that I had seen on so many blogs, website and graphics! Now I know I can’t be the only one who wants to know “how do they do that?”


Today’s blog post is all about the HOW-TO process of creating your own foiled fonts.  I’ve seen many photoshop tutorials, bet let’s be honest – photoshop isn’t the easiest or cheapest program to use.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, including myself. I ain’t got time for complicated, and I know you don’t either! So I decided to create this QUICK and EASY tutorial on how I make my foiled fonts ?


NOTE – you can choose to create your foiled fonts on a white canvas as well.  This tutorial provides the steps for creating foiled fonts on graphics and printed backgrounds, so you would just omit steps #2, 3 and 4.

 ***I have no affiliation with PicMonkey whatsoever***

 Let’s get STARTED!


STEP #1: Go to WWW.PICMONKEY.COM and click on DESIGN, then BLANK CANVAS.  What will pop up is a window of pre-chosen dimensions which you can choose from to create on.  You can also choose your own dimensions by selecting the CUSTOM button and entering your own pixel dimensions.

STEP #2:   Click on the BUTTERFLY icon located on the left.  This is actually named the OVERLAY button, but it’s soooooo much easier to say butterfly (and I really love butterflies!).

STEP #3:   Click on the ADD YOUR OWN button.  This will bring up a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the location of the graphic you want to add to your blank canvas.  Often your graphic/background will be on your COMPUTER but choose whichever source is relevant to you.

STEP #4:   Position your graphic/background image to cover the full dimension of the canvas.  Once you are happy with the position and look, hover over the LAYERS box and CLICK on the FLATTEN IMAGE icon in the bottom left corner (looks like the two sheets with the arrow).  This will merge the graphic/background image with the blank canvas so it is one piece.


STEP #5:   This is the point in the process where you add text.

Select the Tt TEXT button on the left to bring up your font options.  You will have two options to choose from, OURS or YOURS.

OURS are all the different font types that come integrated with PicMonkey.  YOURS are the fonts that you’ve downloaded to your computer (ones that you’ve purchased or downloaded for free).

Once you’ve chosen your font type, CLICK on the ADD TEXT button.  This will add a field to your canvas so that you can type whatever you want.





STEP #6:   The TEXT box allows you to modify the text to reflect your brand.  You can make it BOLD or ITALICS, left, center or right justification, change the size and so on.

You can also add different lines of text in different fonts by repeating step 5.  In the picture below I have one font in CAPS and one font in SCRIPT.

STEP #7:   It’s time to add the foil!  Click on the BUTTERFLY (Overlay) Icon, followed by the ADD YOUR OWN drop down and the location of your foil.

If you don’t have any foils already, do a search on the internet for FREE <color> FOIL images or purchase high resolution foils from Creative Market or another market.

STEP #8:  Once you’ve chosen your foil, resize it to cover the full font area that you want to be covered.  As you can see below, I only want my script font to be foiled.

#PICMONKEYTIP – You can resize any overlay to fit a specific area by pressing down on the SHIFT button while moving one side of the overlay.  This will help you cover the exact area that you need to cover with the overlay.

With the overlay image highlighted, go to the OVERLAY box and under the BLEND MODES dropdown choose LIGHTEN.  This blend mode will make the font pop through with the foil covering it.


You can use this same tactic on other overlays that are available within PicMonkey.  Play around with this feature and really make your graphics POP!


Make sure you SAVE your creation!  Click on the EXPORT link and choose where you’d like to have your image saved on your computer.  Once you do this, you can upload your image to social media, your website, your emails, etc…

I hope this tutorial post helped!  Let me know if you try it out, and I’d LOVE to see the graphic(s) you create!  If you have any questions, please send me an email to hello@diyfempreneur.com.  I promise to respond!

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