Have you ever had an idea that was sooooo big that your brain ran 100 miles a minute and you couldn’t keep up with all the great thoughts and ideas?


That is how my business started.  I had an idea, and it kept getting bigger and bigger, with more ideas branching off in every direction.  I jumped on this idea, without knowing what to do, where I was going, or how to do it. It was scary AF, and I sat on the struggle bus while I built my business, BUT I am so much stronger for it now.


The first step in building my business was figuring out my branding.  And not the colours, fonts, shapes and the look of my business… I’m talking about the nitty-gritty details – who my client is, what my client’s pain points are, how my product/service addresses their pain points, what my business sounds like, etc…  


Still don’t know what I’m talking about?  Think of branding as a cake… The actual cake is the body of your business branding, while the icing and decorations are the “looks” of your business branding.  You need the cake as a solid foundation for the tasty icing and pretty decorations. Sounds delicious, right?


Let’s take a deeper dive into branding, how it can help you, what a niche is, and how to get brand clarity…  You know, all the fun stuff to building a business ?



A good brand is critical to your business success for so many reasons, and I’ve listed out the seven that I think are most impactful, or at least they were and are for me:


#1  Helps create clarity & focus, which allows you to present a uniform vision and mission.

#2  Recognition – consistent branding allows for easy recognition.

#3  Differentiates you from the competition – highlights features & benefits that make you stand out in a sea of competing businesses.

#4  Connect emotionally with your target audience – building your KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor creates a strong emotional experience with your tribe.

#5  Manage expectations – set expectations with your tribe so they keep coming back.

#6  Generates referrals – a strong brand is memorable and word of mouth is KEY to your business growth and success.  You also want people to recognize your business without having to remind them.

#7  Gives value to your business!


A NICHE is a segment of the population that fits a list of characteristics.  Basically, it’s a group of people that fit a special and specific mould. Knowing who your client is and what your business can provide them helps you create tailored solutions so they become raving fans!


You  can’t  be  all  things  to  all  people!


Below are all the TOP 4 reasons why you need a niche!

#1  It is impossible to build your KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factors if you are trying to be everything to everyone!

#2  It helps differentiate you and your brand from the competition.

#3  Helps you market to the right person with the right solution.

#4  Helps you become a specialist to your tribe and attract them to you & your business.


Makes sense right?  If you can get clear on who your ideal client is, if you can envision them in your mind, the content and product creation should be a breeze because you know exactly who you are creating it for ?

“Focus on the people you want to attract to your business and they will come”

-Christine Joy


Brand clarity is the combination of beliefs, values and emotions that you want your ideal client to experience with your brand.  You want your ideal client to feel like you are speaking directly to them, with solutions geared to solve their specific problems.


Do you know what emotions you want your brand to instill?  The values you want associating with your brand? The emotions you want your brand to evoke?


To start defining your brand clarity, work through the questions below…

⇒  What emotions do you want your brand to evoke?

⇒  What does your business stand for?  What core values does your business represent?

⇒  What do you want your ideal client to say about your business?

⇒  Think of your business 5 years into the future…  What does this look like? What does your business represent?



Secondly, brand clarity includes the types of words you use in all of your copy and content.  Copy and content is the website you use, the emails you send, the information you create and put on social media, etc…


If you are not using keywords that are representative of you and your brand, then you will come off an imposter.  I don’t know about you, but using words such as “resonate,” “vibe,” and “holistic” are NOT words that resonate with me, my brand or my client – hahaha, do you see what I did there?!?


An activity that you can do to figure out which words are representative of you, your brand and your business, is to brain dump.  Brain dump all the words you associate with your business, brand, products, interactions, and your customer. List out every word that “vibes” with you and your brand.


Don’t know what brain dumping is?  Brain dumping is literally writing down everything that comes to mind when you think of a question. 


Once you have a good amount of words, circle or highlight the top 8 keywords that “resonate” with your brand the most!  These are your keywords! These are the words that represent who you are as a business, and the words that feel most natural to you.

Do you know your business keywords?



Thirdly, understanding how your brand is unique in your industry will help you stand out in the crowd.  This will help you highlight and showcase what YOU can do for your clients that your competition cannot fulfill.

⇒  What makes you and your business unique in your industry?

⇒  Can your competition claim these unique traits as well?


Features & benefits are a great way to increase your brand differentiation.  A feature is a distinctive attribute that is representative of your business, and the benefit is what your client can expect to experience.


For example, a feature of my business is that I provide step-by-step instructions for business building and the benefit to my client is that they can duplicate the process and feel comfortable and confident with their efforts.


Do you know what makes you and your business unique?  What differentiates you from the competition? Have you created your own list of feature and benefits?



Isn’t it interesting that the above information doesn’t mention anything about fonts, colors, website designs, themes, textures etc.?


People have a tendency to get wrapped up in the look of their brand, but they forget to focus on the foundation that needs to be built first.  Knowing what your brand represents, how your brand feels, and the look will come to you naturally once you’ve got everything else figured out.


Take the time to do the work above and see how easily everything else comes naturally to you.  If you have any questions, please send me an email to hello@diyfempreneur.com.  I promise to respond!  

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